Happy Dogs Adoption Application


We have recently revised our adoption procedures in order to help adopters find just the right pet for them. Please FIRST fill out an application so we can help you. The availability of our dogs is updated DAILY, so if a dog is on the site, he or she is currently available or, at worst, has an adoption pending. Once a dog is adopted, we take him or her off the site that very day.

Please fill out the following application.

Name of pet(s) for which you are applying (this application and contract does not HOLD a certain pet for you. It simply begins the adoption process):
Full Name:
Email Address:
Phone number:
Date of Birth:
If this pet is not available, would you consider a different pet and if so, please describe the type of pet you feel would be a good match for you:
List the ages of your children, if any, and ages of any other people living in your house:
Would anyone who lives in your house object to adding a pet? Please explain.
Have you ever owned a pet before and, if so, what kind and what happened to him/her. Please list all pets:
Do you have any other pets? Breed/type/personality:
Describe your fencing situation and where your pet will stay during the day. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC, listing all possible scenarios:
Are all of your pets current on their vaccinations?
Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?
Name and number of your current veterinarian:
Do you rent or own? Rent
On what website did you locate this pet?
If you chose "other" above, on what website did you locate this pet?
Name and number of landlord, if applicable:
Do you understand that owning a pet is a long-term commitment, lasting sometimes as long as 15 years or more, and that, in adopting a pet, you are committing to that pet and that you will provide him/her safety and proper care for the remainder of his/her life, including a comfortable, safe environment, ample daily food and fresh water? Please explain why you are ready to get a pet:
Do you understand that owning a pet requires a monetary commitment that may exceed your expectations and that, in adopting a pet, you will be responsible for annual vaccinations and checkups, monthly heartworm protection for dogs, periodic worming and essentially following what would be considered standard levels of care as presented by your regular veterinarian?
Do you understand that Happy Dogs must be contacted if any animal adopted via the Happy Dog website is to be rehomed for any reason. Happy Dogs gives the original rescue the first opportunity to take the adopted dog back into its care, if the shelter or rescue desires and has room. Do you understand that you cannot give, sell or surrender any animal adopted through the Happy Dogs website to any individual or entity without specific and documented approval from Happy Dogs?
Happy Dogs reserves the right to perform a check-up visit to the adopter's home and the agency must give a 24-hour notice to the adopter in the event a check-up may be performed. Do you object to a home visit?
Do you understand that Happy Dogs is the placement agency for the shelters and rescues from which the pets come and that adopters often are asked to speak with the foster parent (supplied after the application has been received) of the dog being considered prior to transport, in order to ensure the best possible placement for the dog and to ensure the best possible dog for the adopting family? Are you willing to speak with the foster parent, if asked to do so?
Happy Dogs nor the rescue or shelter from which the adopted dog came will be responsible for any health problems which arise after the adoption date. Standard protocol for each animal adopted has been provided, per our supporting veterinarians. No dog who has been found to have any communicable health can travel into New Hampshire, per the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture. Do you understand that you are responsible for any unforseen health issues which may arise after the adoption from Happy Dogs?
If you are unsatisfied with your dog for any reason within 30 days of adoption and wish not to keep your dog, Happy Dogs will give you a full refund of the adoption fee only; we will not refund any medical bills, as all pets we adopt have been seen by a veterinarian prior to transport, according to New Hampshire state law. We will not refund the $140 transport fee. Do you understand this?
Do you agree to keep the dog for at least 7 days to ensure the proper transition time for the pet? Do you agree to alert your Happy Dogs adoption counselor immediately with any questions or concerns you may be having with your dog so that we can help you with the transition?
All refunds will be issued within 30 days via check from our business office should you decide to return the dog. Should you decide to return the dog, do you agree that you may need to wait up to two weeks in order for Happy Dogs to arrange transport for said dog. Do you understand?
By submitting this online application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I certify that I have read this entire application and contract. I understand that if I am accepted as an adopter, any false statements, omissions, or other misreprensentations made by me on this application may result in the immediate removal of the animal with no refund of adoption fees. Full name of person adopting the dog: