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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review, Coupons, Promo Codes – 2018

blue buffalo dog food review and couponsA very popular brand of dog food currently is Blue Buffalo.  Dog owners are finding an excellent value with the Blue Buffalo line of products.  In fact, their Blue Life Protection Formula is currently the #1 selling natural dog food in America.

Blue Buffalo is a pet food company whose creation was inspired by the unfortunate cancer and various health issues of the Bishop families’ beloved dog named Blue.  The food created at the Blue Buffalo Company is born out of the understanding and belief that quality food can improve and sustain the health of dogs.  As with humans the better the food consumed the healthier the individual, so it is with these beloved pets.

The Bishop family has created a company that, working closely with a leading holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionist, provides a dog food that is free of the bad and full of the good.  They use whole high quality, natural ingredients and include essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Their product line includes specific formulations for dogs and cats of all types taking age, allergies, weight needs and more into consideration.  Blue Buffalo foods recognize six different classes of nutrition.  They include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.  Blue Buffalo dog foods represent each of these nutrition classes throughout their product line by using the highest quality and purest ingredients available.

As if working diligently to provide an affordable, high-quality natural dog food isn’t enough, Blue Buffalo also has created a foundation.  The Blue Buffalo foundation provides grants to veterinarians and institutions that are doing research to better understand and develop treatments for animal cancers.  Blue Buffalo also has an extensive community involvement through various programs such as Home 4 the Holidays, Remember Me Thursday, and Shelter Stars.

The Blue Buffalo dog food line of products is quite extensive.  In fact, they provide a helpful guide on their website to aid in selecting the perfect option for your pet’s specific needs.  They have product that are made for 3 life stages (puppy, adult, and senior).  Within these classifications they have six specific product types including a veterinarian prescription only product.  In addition to standard dry food kibble they have a comprehensive array of wet food, dog treats, and meat rolls to provide your pet with complete nutrition as well as feeding preference options.

Blue Buffalo is a good value product because of its high quality ingredients and attention to natural nutrition; however, the cost of feeding a dog with a high end food can be difficult.  Thankfully, Blue Buffalo coupons are available to help cut some of the cost.

Blue Buffalo Product Offerings

Blue Buffalo manufacturers an extensive variety of dog foods and treats.  They have products available for your dog that are specific for age, breed, size, and specific health issues.  They have 6 main product types of dog food.  The following is a review of each of the 6 main Blue buffalo product lines including specific information on each one.

Life Protection Formula

The BLUE Life Protection Formula dry foods are made using high-quality natural ingredients like real proteins such as chicken, fish, or lamb.  They are all enhanced with fruits, veggies, and essential vitamins and minerals to optimize your dog’s health and nutrition.  Blue Buffalo’s exclusive LifeSource bits are added as well for additional anti-oxidants. Formulated for all breed sizes and life stages, BLUE Life Protection Formula contains no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, no corn, wheat or soy and nothing artificial.

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is available in dry, wet, meat roll, and treats allowing you to accommodate even the most finicky eater.  Blue Buffalo has over 100 different available options in the Life Protection Formula series of products.  Whether your dog is young, old, small or large and everything in between, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula has a food for you.

Blue Freedom

Blue Buffalo Freedom line of dog food is a completely grain free product.  Grains and gluten can trigger significant allergic reactions in many dogs.  Blue Freedom provides a healthy and complete nutrition source while keeping your dog free of allergens that can trigger itching, skin problems and gastrointestinal reactions.  Blue Freedom has wet and dry food with over 20 different styles available.

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Pet owners that dogs with an array of health issues know that carefully controlling the ingredients in their dog’s food can make all the difference.  Some dogs are just sensitive to a variety of ingredients that are typically found in most dog food products.   BLUE Basics answers this problem by providing a limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities while maximizing the nutritional value that your dog will receive. BLUE Basics is made without corn, wheat, dairy, soy or eggs and is available in several grain-free formulas.

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet is available in dry food, wet food, and some treats.  They have over 20 available types of food ranging in flavor, age, and breed of dog.

Blue Wilderness Meat Rich Diet

Blue Wilderness Meat Rich Diet is a product line that speaks to your dog’s inner wolf instinct.  This product line is packed with meat rich protein and free of grains to provide the natural endurance and energy that speaks to your dog’s instinctual wolf heritage.

Blue Wilderness Meat Rich Diet product line has over 80 options to choose from including dry food, wet food, meat rolls, and treats.  Give your dog the power of a wolf with the protein rich Blue wilderness food.

Blue Earth Essential – Farm to Table Inspired

Blue Buffalo has used the inspiration from farm-to-table restaurant to create the BLUE Earth’s Essentials product line.  The Earth’s Essentials dog foods feature simple, clean recipes using the highest quality foods the earth has to offer. Real meat and ancient grains are used to create delicious superfood meals that are packed with nutrition to optimize your dog’s health.

The Blue Earth’s Essentials product line includes 3 different recipes for dry and wet foods and 3 recipes for treats.  The Blue Buffalo Earth’s Essentials line of dog food and treats is truly a feast for your dog.

Blue Natural Veterinary Diet

The Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary diet is available only through veterinarians.  This is a prescription or therapeutic diet chosen by a veterinarian based on significant and specific issues or health concerns in your dog.  Blue Buffalo has created a therapeutic diet option for your dog that is still natural and wholesome.  They enhance their products with vitamins and minerals and use natural ingredients so your dog can receive a well-rounded, wholesome diet while still treating their health concerns.

Blue Buffalo has products available in their Natural Veterinary Diet line for gastrointestinal health, kidney support, weight management and urinary care, and hydrolyzed products for food sensitivities.  If your veterinarian recommends a prescription diet, ask for Blue Buffalo.