Dog Food Recalls

Primal Dog Food Recall and Contact Info – December 2017

A new dog food product has been recalled.  Primal Pet Foods of Fairfield, California are recalling 5 freeze-dried products.  This recall has been issued because the grind size used in those products is too large and results in ground bone fragments that are exceed the size safe for consumption by dogs and cats.

The specific products included in the recall are as follows:

Primal Canine and Feline Freeze-Dried Poultry Formulas.

The following chart provides specific product data for identification of affected lots.

Specific comments posted by Primal Pet Food regarding details of the recall can be found at .

What to do if you have any affected products:

You can return any product to the Primal retailer from which you purchased the product to receive a full refund.

Any customers unable to return the product to the retailer may contact Primal Customer Service at 866-566-4652 extension 2 or by email at .

Will my pet be harmed if they have already consumed these products?

Primal Pet Food has recommended watching your pet closely for any signs of difficulty eating.  The larger bone grind can result in a piece of bone becoming stuck between two teeth which may make eating uncomfortable for your pet.  They also recommend monitoring your pet for sign of intestinal or digestive problems for 72 hours after they consumed the food.

What does an “out of spec” bone grind mean?

Primal Pet Foods has provided the following information with regards to this recall.

  • This is a Primal production specification issue – it poses absolutely no risk to human health.
  • Only 5 specific Primal Canine and Feline Freeze-Dried Poultry Formulas were produced outside of our grind size specification (see attached file)
  • We have very precise requirements as to how our foods are to be produced so they preform optimally.
  • We require our meat and bones be ground down to a coarseness of 1/8″
  • Over a single production run, the wrong grind plate was used and the product was ground at 1/4″ coarseness, which is a 1/8″ variance to our specifications.
  • We became aware that food produced over a single production run did not meet our precise specifications and may not preform optimally, particularly for small dogs and cats.
  • We are not comfortable having product in the market that doesn’t meet our precise specifications and deliver optimal experience to the consumer and pet.
  • This decision is entirely voluntary and the FDA is not involved at all.